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I listen to the cries and the suffering coming of those below, trapped in an afterlife they deserved not.

The fading light of my Parent is still warm and strong, let it guide you out the domain of Sheol. While I am no Savior, never was and never will be, but there is a lingering affection toward life to preserve it.

Come out of the primal water, start again.

((OOC: The dead had returned. They will be found unconscious and unscathed physically in their respective fountains. Please, go back to the ad_interim entry about zones to put your character in the right area. They will be also wet because they came out of the fountain)).
In this moment of pain, I must remain out taint's way. Once again, I'm too weak to face the one that is dearest to me. I won't ask you to forgive me, Setsuna.

Don't despair. Hope hasn't died out yet. Not as long there is goodness in darkness. Shape your homes now, before the last shred of goodness of my Parent is completely twisted into hatred.

((OOC: Hint to the Nobodies ;) Oh, and only Rosiel and AB can't see this, his allies can and inform them)).
It's time.

I will visit you today, Setsuna. Be ready to welcome me.

Lucifer? Brother? Where are you? I miss you...

((OOC: This is pre log))
New Year would be eventful to give Vertere a gift of light. Brother, how are you feeling? This time Lucifer and Michael will guard your safety.
Lucifer, chosen one of Darkness.

Michael, chosen one of Light.

Your services are required.
I don't understand. Why are they forgetting? This wasn't necessary.

I don't want to forget those I love, even if they are gone.
Attention, police force. Officer Ky Kiske and I will try to stop Ichimaru Gin and Aizen Sousuke from their current affairs. If you wish to join us in arresting them, tell us now. Batman, I know you're interested in the case, therefore you should speak up as well.

Raziel, do you want your friend to not be damaged in the struggle? You know what you must do, then.

L's friend. Don't worry. Any psychical damage caused to L, I can fix it.

I won't allow my Parent's world be victim of any madman, even if that involves become part of this system.
Blood for blood. You'll all pay for your trespasses. Face your judgement, coward! Murderer!

((OOC: Thus Alex finds out Raziel died thanks to Kira. The darkness + the rage = dark side :D)).
Mmm. It feels so quiet here, so serene. I'm myself again, heterogeneous and I remember everything. No wonder my brother loved this tower. The white halls, they don't smell to blood or the Fruit.

There is still calm spreading above Vertere today, despite the beast loose in the woods. Perhaps it's born of the anxiety and expectation of the trial.

Setsuna, don't worry about me. I'm home with my family. Perhaps soon my Parent will greet you as well, you're my child, my little Savior. The creation of severing fate aided by him. Our son? That's funny but we have tendencies to incest.

How are you, Kira Sakuya? What ails your human spirit now? Rae? Raziel? Doll? How are you three?
Who was owner of the strange aura I felt yesterday? It was like an angel's, almost too similar to Raphael's, but not quite. Why I wasn't informed of that visit?


I'm leaving again.