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Outside the Garden of Eden

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"Male and female, God created them."

"In the Beginning, there was Adam Kadmon, female and male as one. After the Genesis of Heaven, the Holy Hermit bore the first set of twins: Alexiel and Rosiel, the original pair that the Creator shaped so to split the powers of the Seraphita."

☆ Name: Alexiel.
☆ Series: Angel Sanctuary.
☆ Alias: Organic Angel, Beloved Daughter of God, Goddess of Victory, Angel of Death, etc.
☆ Age: Old. Genesis old.
☆ Species: Fallen Angel.
☆ Hair color: Brown.
☆ Eye color: Well, brown/violet/blue depending how Yuki colors the picture.
☆ Likes: Freedom to decide your path, life. Rosiel, her twin.
☆ Dislikes: Hypocrisy, God, cages & the suffering of the world.
☆ Distinctive Traits: Three white wings. Demon crest shaped as a rose and a dagger on her left breast.
☆ Family: Adam Kadmon (Parent), YHWH/God (Parent/Creator) & Rosiel (Twin Brother).
☆ Weapons & Abilities: Nanatsusaya (sword), ever-regenerative body, control over four of the elements (wind, water, fire & earth) and the organic (that includes living beings).
☆ Weakness: Ether & her own drained/confused state.
☆ Important Relationships:

- Lucifer: He was the first one who knew her identity and told her who she was. Alexiel doesn’t remember what exactly their relationship was about (“ex” statement according to Lucifer, aside) but she feels it was intense and continues to be so. She does care greatly for him but has the urge to seek conflict with the Demon Lord.

- Setsuna Mudou: Setsuna is Alexiel and Alexiel is Setsuna yet not. They have been separated somehow and are still linked. She feels confused around him but has a deep love and respect for the Savior. She trusts in him blindly to destroy any obstacle.

- Adam Kadmon: Out of all beings, Alexiel recalls the most of her Holy Parent, the Seraphita. She also feels his grief as her own (as she understood Rosiel). She doesn’t really like what he’s doing but her deep love makes her reluctant to protest (she blames herself for not have God killed sooner). Also, deep inside, Alexiel feels a similar rage and quest of revenge as Adam. But, unlike him, she has no interest in ruling or creating order.

- Rae: He’s a demon lord who attached to her as surrogate mother. Alexiel keeps him because she has a weak spot for cute, demon rulers (see Kurai) and also spites Lucifer by doing so.

☆ Goals and important data to consider in this game: Rosiel has always been Alexiel's number one priority. His happiness and also a way to keep him with her forever, in the end, she granted him release which pained her. She also loves Adam Kadmon greatly. The Rosiel/Alexiel/Adam Kadmon link is not just of a typical family tie but that they are the same being in a way. Alexiel and Rosiel were created/born from Adam Kadmon's body (his left eye became the Tree of Life), so as the same being they have a truly deep attachment of what happens to the other (even if the three have separate minds/spirits). The idea the other suffers/doesn't accept them is like if your own limbs rebel against you, to say at least, it's terrifying (Rosiel loved Katan more as person but he couldn't live with Alexiel's rebutal). It's a very close connection. Which will explain why Alexiel "isn't noticing" Adam Kadmon's sudden 'evilness.' She does, but she's in denial as she is with her own dark side atm.

Alexiel also has gender issues, she would have wanted to be born a male but also, she wishes to live as an ordinary woman. Her ideal world is a world without God or the Devil (not as person but as role, no one should be forced into it) in which everyone could coexist in peace. Vertere offers Alexiel everything she wanted: be close to her family (Adam Kadmon and the promise of Rosiel joining the future), be an ordinary woman and a man (Setsuna is there) and people coexist, regardless who they are. Why would she be against it?

For now.

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